Track business goals, enhance productivity, promote job clarity with minimal supervision

You can achieve more at work and enhance productivity. Improve collaboration and increase individual contribution to the set business objectives

The Purpose

We created Goalscope to help you manage business goals. It promotes coordination and collaboration among stakeholders to improve performance and achieve set goals.

You will:

Identify the activities that consume business time. Adjust where necessary to increase output.

Conduct performance assessments that are data-driven and make informed decisions.

Stay focused on your role and avoid the distraction of micro-managing.

Enjoy employee quality engagement. Improve staff retention and innovation.

Discover how much resources invested into a given goal or project

Channel energy in the right direction.


We keep adding more features to Goalscope as we research and improve on the product. Check out some of the features highlighted below

As a business leader

Goalscope makes it easy to:

create and follow a business goal organisation-wide or within any unit

delegate a staff to drive the achievement of a business goal

watch the life cycle and status changes of a goal till completion

track and map time usage to goals, tasks and other activities within a chosen time interval

review employee performance by reviewing tasks completed within a chosen interval

As an employee

You can easily:

receive notification on goal/task assignment.

breakdown your task to sub-tasks and reassign to others and yourself

make and receive comments on a given task.

view all pending, on-going and completed tasks with their expected delivery times

watch task progress and check expected task deliverable within a selected period

The Application

Built for this dispensation

Cloud based: You can access it anywhere, online real-time for easy collaboration

Responsive design: it appears great on mobile as well as desktop devices. So you can use it on the go

Designed with simplicity in mind. It does not need much training

Simplified data presentation. Presents reports in graphical charts and tables for easy interpretation. Decisions will be faster

Role-based access control. It controls what each user may see or do on the system.

It's about your productivity

We created GoalScope out of our passion for seeing things organised to enhance productivity.

  • We put a lot of effort to great user experience.
  • We made it easy to learn and follow
  • User interface is very intuitive.
  • Mobile experience is pleasant
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